"I am truly thankful for the gift you have afforded me....It occurred to me today that as therapists, we all have to develop the ability to hear both what is said--- and what is not. YOU however have been blessed with a "miracle ear!" You truly hear both with equal precision...A rare find. So thank you!"

- Client with prior therapy experiences

Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Dr. Douglas Marlow and I provide research-based, transformative growth experiences to individuals, couples, children and families. Every session I’ll share tools, experiences, and activities to help you connect and emotionally engage in positive ways.

I thrive on inspiring excellence and generating success in your relationship. I'm betting you've come to the right place to enhance your experience together. In my sessions, when a couple turns away from talking to each other to talk with me, I say, "Talk to her. I don't get credit for having a great relationship with her--I get credit if you have a great relationship with your partner." If you're looking for relationship enrichment or if you're in crisis, I'm only a phone call away. The best way to get a real sense of who I am--is to call me.

Two true sayings: “We live the life we choose” and, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Call today to begin your remarkable journey. 541.571.1177.

certified Gottman therapist Dr. Marlow is a poly-friendly professional